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A BEP-20 token with a thought for investors.
It uses an innovative system controlled by oracles.

Designed for investors

What is the biggest problem for investors in the BSC network?

In the BSC market, there are few projects that focus on the maximum desire of investors, to obtain high returns in a safer way and at any time of the project cycle.

Most of the projects have an ATH point which they reach quickly, but also, after a short time, the price plummets to remain lateralizing in its lowest zone, generating great losses for the last investors to enter.
The market manipulation of large capital investors (whales) generates “panic sales” in small or inexperienced investors, generating large capital losses for them and for the projects themselves.

Everath proposes a solution to this type of manipulation with a simple and different proposal.


How does Everath ($EATH) work?

In Everath ($EATH) each purchase and sale transaction sends an event that is received by a validation oracle, which is in charge of analyzing the price variation in the market taking into account the last ATH that the token has reached. Based on the calculations, it determines a support limit of -15% on the maximum price reached, if the price reaches said limit, the contract will automatically limit sales through a contributory system called “Permanence Award”, until the price reaches the price of the last ATH again.

In this way, we preserve the capital of each one of the investors of $EATH and ensure that they can obtain profitability in a constant manner and without the fear that a sudden drop in market value generates.


Permanence Award

The “Permanence Award” system is responsible for applying a 35% tax to those who want to sell below the limit of -15% on the last ATH, the total of that collection is fully distributed to the holders automatically ( based on the percentage participation of each), motivating sales to be made in true profit points and ensuring rewards never seen before for those who hold.

It is important to know that in the event that the contribution system remains active and the price remains below the established support or has not reached the ATH within a period of 1 week, the price is automatically established at the moment as the value of reference of the last ATH. In this way, any type of price stagnation is avoided and allows the system to adapt to different market situations.


BBTC’s First Satellite Token!

Everath belongs to the BBTC ecosystem. A young network of projects focused on the interoperability of their functions, as well as between communities for mutual benefit and exponential growth of all projects in the ecosystem, providing an investment portfolio with solid support through various projects.

Currently the original BBTC token has more than 50,000 holders!


Total Supply


For each purchase and sale there will be a tax of 2% of the tokens, of which 1% will be automatically distributed to the holders and the other 1% will be used for maintenance and gas necessary by the oracle.

With the “Premium for permanence” system activated, the sales tax is 35% and is fully distributed to the holders.


* With the budget in Marketing and development tokens, in addition to supporting diffusion, maintenance costs, personnel, promotional airdrops, raffles and eventual lotteries will be carried out to promote the diffusion and adoption of $EATH in the ecosystem.
* The multi-staking platform is a revolutionary project aimed at providing continuous rewards in all present and future tokens of the BBTC ecosystem, balancing the variables to obtain stable profits based on the user’s investment.

* Clarification on the time limit in the rank recovery phase:

The system can automatically execute the reference price readjustment to the current price 2 times consecutively. (if the maximum price has not been reached within 1 week during the “range recovery” phase).
In the event that it is extended to a third time or later, it will be left to the evaluation and voting of the Everath holders through a decentralized voting system (https://vote.everath.com/) (based on the percentage participation of the user in number of tokens) with the objective of defining whether to execute the readjustment action or extend the stay award time for another week. This vote will last 24 hours.


Development of oracle system (BETA) and token

Start-up in production of the oracle system in its Beta version (with a view to improvements in the future). Development of the project token.

The first Satellite Project of the BBTC ecosystem.


Presentation of the project and exclusive presale

Presentation and dissemination of the project to the BBTC community and implementation of social networks and groups.

Exclusive presale for the BBTC community.

Go to presale Completed

Full audit and KYC

Complete audit of the smart contract and KYC.

We will provide maximum security to our investors before the public presale.

  • KYC - IDO Presales: LINK
  • Code Audit - Techrate: LINK


Public presale

Pre-sale for the general public through the DxSale platform.

Mass dissemination campaign of the project.

  • Public Presale: LINK
  • Alternative Link (for loading or TrustWallet issues): LINK


Market launch

Inclusion of liquidity in PancakeSwap.

Implementation of the oracle system.

The transfer limitations to tokens acquired in the special pre-sale are removed.


Powabit - We unify our Roadmap!

As we have repeatedly mentioned in our communities. We believe that EATH is part of an ecosystem that will provide a stronger market and, above all, will allow it to be useful in it. The Powabit ecosystem (powabit.com) will unify all our future work, where EATH will have a large share.

The future!

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